Earthquake Prediction App

This app can save your life!

This app offers the following life-saving features in case of an earthquake:


1. Prediction

The app generates detailed reports with statistical analysis used by seismological scientists.



2. Preparedness

The app teaches you exactly what to do before, during and after an earthquake.



3. Survival

The app contains the following tools:
  • First Aid: teaches you some helpful first aid procedures in case the emergency response system is overwhelmed
  • Battery: it displays remaining battery time and power saving tips if you can't charge the phone
  • Visual SOS: it emits visual signals to be seen at a distance if no one can hear you
  • Whistle: it makes loud sounds so you don't scream and keep your energy
  • Flashlight: it helps to make your way through a darkened building if a earthquake hits in the middle of the night